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Apex Legends Beginners Guide

Apex Legends beginners guide is going to focus on the basics and how to survive toward the end of the game. We aren't going to get fancy or teach you how to play like shroud.

Keep it simple and you can improve your skills over time.

Apex Legends Beginners Guide

Finding where to drop will start you off well. There are multiple hot spots like Skull Town, Thunderdome, Artillery, Airbase, Hydro Dam, and Relay. And Apex Legends also shares blue circles at the beginning of the map which will have even better loot.

You want to choose one of these spots, but not the blue zone. You need loot but not the headache of fighting 10 different dudes. I would wait until the aircraft clears out and jump late to one of the other hot spots.

Land and loot quickly. Grab any weapon at first, but you want to replace it with the better weapons like Peacekeeper, R-301, Spitfire, G7 Scout, R-99, or the Triple Take.

Now, it's about patience. You're a new player, so don't go running around with your head cut off. Move quietly and at the edge of the circle. Only take fights if you have an escape route and you have the element of surprise. Most players are going to be better than you since they've played for some time, so don't be discouraged if you lose fights.

Learn your Legend's skills in these moments. I would choose a smaller hitbox character like Wraith and Lifeline which both giving you either heals or an escape plan. Both are great starting characters and should give you an edge.

When you get to the final circles, let the others fight each other. Take favorable fights and try to third-party fights before the enemies heal up.

At the end of the day, you'll need to keep fighting and practicing if you want to dominate in Apex Legends.

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