Apex Legends Hints Build Mystery Around Blisk Character

Apex Legends hints point toward Blisk as the next playable character
Apex Legends hints point toward Blisk as the next playable character / Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Hints in Apex Legends' lore and files have fans speculating heavily about Blisk, a character some believe will be the next playable Legend.

Respawn Entertainment has already revealed Kuben Blisk as the commissioner for the Apex Games, the in-universe explanation for the matches in which Apex Legends players take part. He first appeared in Apex Legends media in the game's opening cinematic, in which he recruited an anonymous fighter to the Apex Games.

Apex Legends Blisk new Legends?

A teaser ahead of the Mirage Holo-Day Bash event described Blisk as the commissioner of the game, and a Season 4 loading screen referred to him by his first name without revealing much about his status.

The most recent information players have received on Blisk came in a Revenant teaser that said no one had heard from him in a year.

Data mining performed in August 2019 uncovered abilities for Blisk, indicating he might become a playable Legend. Respawn Entertainment itself has stayed quiet on the topic.

Blisk previously appeared in the Titanfall games. Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as those games.

Respawn Entertainment released the most recent playable Legend, Revenant, in Tuesday's Season 4 launch. The next Legend likely won't arrive before the next season begins.