Apex Legends 'Broken Ranked Spot' Found on World's Edge

"So there's a pretty broken spot on World's Edge that doesn't have an out of bounds timer."
"So there's a pretty broken spot on World's Edge that doesn't have an out of bounds timer." / Image courtesy of Skeptation, Respawn Entertainment

The ever-expanding Reddit library of in-game tips and tricks is back at it again with another great hiding spot in Apex Legends, this time with a broken sniping spot on World's Edge.

Whether you are a more experienced player or someone just starting out, "rat" spots are always good to have in your back pocket in case you need to heal, need somewhere safe to bunker up for late game, or simply want to rack up the ranked points after your teammates left early.

As shared by u/AwkwardShake on Jan. 24, this spot is almost exclusively accessible to "rat Valkyrie" players but can be reached by those with steadier hands using Pathfinder as well.

Additionally, with it being on World's Edge, this spot probably worth knowing about since it's the map currently in rotation for ranked.

While the Reddit clip shows what it looks like for those on the receiving end of the spot, YouTuber Skeptation thankfully took the time to create a guide on the ins and outs of the area.

The spot is located in the bottom left quadrant of the map on the hill in between Staging and Harvester.

The easiest way to reach it is by using Valkyrie's Skyward Dive ultimate.

Alternatively, Valkyrie and Pathfinder can use the balloon nearby Harvester to land on one of the grassy ledges of the hill and use their VTOL Jets or Grappling Hook to get to the top.

As seen by this method, this spot is very powerful, especially as all the other lower ledges on the hill are considered out of bounds except for the very top for some reason.

From there, players can simply use the insane height advantage as well as convenient space and cover to annoyingly poke and prod enemies below.

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