Apex Legends

Apex Legends Bug Allows Players to Hide Inside Supply Bins

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/TTVSnaps

Another hilarious bug has appeared in Apex Legends, or at least it's funny to watch. It's probably infuriating to experience it. As seen below, Redditor TTVSnaps shows looting a suspicious Golden Backpack sitting in front of a supply bin. That should have been the first warning.

When he quickly opens the supply bin, there are two enemy players waiting for him to murder him. This bug has taken social media by storm and other players have shown using it or being a victim of the ploy.

YouTuber BeanBag shows a more creative aspect to the bug, surprising people with Mirage's ultimate or setting up with Shiela, ready to mow down anyone.

To actually use the bug, you need a supply bin up against a wall. You need to stand on top and open the bin while backing up. This should give you a three-second window to jump inside before it closes again. As you can tell from the video, your character and weapon will stick out of the bin so you need to be careful.

Having a teammate make sure you're as hidden as possible then hiding themselves nearby is probably the best way to go.