Apex Legends Bug Can Kill Players on the Map

Apex Legends bugs are common, but most of them are just a slight nuisance, not game changing. If one of them appears, Respawn Entertainment is fairly quick on fixing the problem.

That hasn't been the case for this apparent bug.

Apex Legends player Shego808 shared the clip on Reddit. The player took off on one of the balloons to launch himself in the air and decided to try to land on one of the large stands that show who is the kill lead. That decision caused his death.

He ended up getting stuck inside the metal structure and couldn't move. The game wouldn't let him climb out of the contraption and instead, it gave him the death countdown of "Return to the Battle." Anyone that sees that message will have a limited time to return the zone or end up instantly dying.

That's what happened to the player.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment