Apex Legends Bug Distorting Kill Stats Resurfaces in Season 10

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With the launch of Emergence, Apex Legends players have gotten to enjoy a fun refresh to the last meta, especially with the introduction of Seer and the Ramage LMG. Unfortunately, the new season also means new bugs to be discovered — or, in this case, old bugs to be rediscovered.

Rest assured that Respawn Entertainment has already and is continuing to work hard to fix any potential bugs with the release of Emergence. However, in a thread created on the Apex Legends subreddit, a user brought up the issue of a bug that shows the wrong number of kills a player as obtained on their banners.

This out-of-sync bug is a work in progress for Apex Legends' developers, and a developer who goes by RobotHavGunz on Reddit replied to the post to explain that Respawn Entertainment has been trying to fix this very bug for several seasons, but is unsure of how to do so.

Part of the problem is that developers have been unable to replicate the bug in a controlled environment.

"We've tried every theoretical combination around leaving matches, downed enemies, downed self, disconnects, etc.," RobotHavGunz wrote. "And they never get out of sync. But some players report this near the start of every season.

"I can definitely say it's not a case of us ignoring it. I'd love to fix this. But I just don't know what to actually 'fix,' they wrote.

Players are hopeful that game developers will be able to solve the issue soon to avoid any further confusion on the matter between actual player kills and displayed player kills on banners.