Apex Legends Bug Gives Glimpse at Original World's Edge Map

World's Edge in Apex Legends.
World's Edge in Apex Legends. / Credit to EA/Respawn

A fan-favorite map in the Apex Legends community, World's Edge has been popular since its release in 2019 as part of Apex Legends Season 3. The map then underwent a significant change with the start of Season 10.

The collapse of the harvester saw changes to Train Yard, Refinery and Sorting Factory. Train Yard became Landslide, Refinery became Climatizer, and Sorting Factory became Lava Siphon. And though players generally responded positively to the changes, there are still those who yearn for the map's original incarnation.

Despite player's still appreciating World's Edge, they are hopeful for the return of the OG World's Edge.
Overview of World's Edge / Photo Courtesy of Apex Legends Wiki

Those fans will be glad to know Reddit user u/Lucyan96 has discovered a glitch that, when a player flies outside the map, instead of killing them, allows them to phase through the map.

In their video, Lucyan96 flew south of the map near where the Dome POI is located. After phasing through the map, they see a reflection on the ground of the original World's Edge Map. The reflection isn't perfect and neither are the graphics, but the reflection still remains.

This could be attributed to EA and Respawn not thinking they would have to change the reflection underneath the map, as it's only accessible via glitch. But the more conspiratorially minded in the community could take this as a hint at changes coming soon to World's Edge.

As of now, there has been no conversation about reverting the map back to its original status, and there probably won't be. But players can still be hopeful that someday, World's Edge will return to what it once was.