Apex Legends Bug Turns Wattson Fences Invisible

A bug is turning Wattson fences invisible.
A bug is turning Wattson fences invisible. / Photo by Respawn Entertainment/EA

A bug in Apex Legends is turning the electric fences created by Wattson's Perimeter Security ability invisible, making it significantly more powerful.

In this video, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Saturday by u/bwlebard, a Wraith player runs through a wide open and empty section of The Pit only to receive a sudden shock. It appears as though they ran straight through a completely invisible Wattson fence.

To make sure that's what happened, their teammate, Gibraltar, walks slowly through the same space. They receive the same shock despite the area appearing empty.

This glitch would make Wattson's Perimeter Security ability extremely useful, keeping the Wattson player abreast of where enemies are and slowing and damaging those enemies in the process. Competing players would have no hope of avoiding the fences.

The bug doesn't appear on the Trello board Respawn Entertainment uses to keep a public record of the bugs of which it's aware and on which it's working. That absence could indicate Respawn Entertainment is unaware of the bug.