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Apex Legends Catalyst Abilities Listed

Catalyst's control over ferrofluid is what sets her apart on the battlefield.
Catalyst's control over ferrofluid is what sets her apart on the battlefield. / Respawn Entertainment

With Catalyst set to make her in-game debut as part of Apex Legends: Eclipse, we've detailed all of this newest Legend's abilities.

Catalyst, or Tressa Crystal Smith, Apex Legends' newest defensive Legend, making a mark on the battlefield with her control over ferrofluid. Respawn gave fans a quick glimpse at her abilities and voice lines in action with a brand new trailer, showing off her control of the mystical black ferrofluid.

In the trailer, Catalyst is seen fabricating huge walls to block off entryways and pursuers, and laying down a wave of spikes to stop enemies in their tracks.

Apex Legends Catalyst: All Abilities Explained

Catalyst players will be able to utilize the following abilities in the midst of battle:


  • Barricade: Using her ability to manipulate ferrofluid, Catalyst can block paths and reinforce doors, buying time to regroup and turn the table on her enemies.


  • Piercing Spikes: Catalyst is able to conjure ferrofluid to lay spikes when enemies are nearby, while Catalyst herself remains immune to enemy spikes.


  • Dark Veil: Slow incoming enemy movements and block their vision with Catalyst’s Ultimate, Dark Veil. Catalyst can raise a permeable wall of ferrofluid that will slow and partially blind enemies who attempt to push their way through it. Players can use these barriers to divide the battlefield or resurrect their team in a safe place.

Apex Legends: Eclipse will launch on Nov.1 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.