Apex Legends Caustic Player has Best Holo-spray Placement Yet

Caustic put this Wraith on a poster.
Caustic put this Wraith on a poster. / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

This Caustic player finds a great use for his Holo-spray, placing one right before finishing off a Wraith for a poster-worthy image.

Apex Legends received a ton of changes with the arrival of Season 6: Boosted. The change to Evo Armor has been the most significant, while the arrival of September Soiree brings new game modes and cosmetics. One overlooked change has been the addition of Holo-sprays.

Holo-sprays are a cool new take on the tired spray system seen in many games. Rather than stick a chosen image to a surface, these sprays emit a floating holograph of your choice. This Reddit user found the best use for them yet.

The video above was posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Thursday by u/minkiestmink. The clip begins with Caustic and his squad downing an enemy Wraith. Even though it is a Ranked match and there are two other squads left, Caustic decides to focus on a photo opportunity and the result is totally worth it.

With Wraith already downed, he still throws his Ultimate just to set the stage with a ton of gas. Then, he throws his "Breathe It In" Holo-sprayon the floor where she is downed. Finally, he begins Finishing her. As the animation proceeds and he sprays her face full of gas, he does so right in front of the shining Holo-spray.