Apex Legends Character Horizon Discovered in Leaks

Horizon could be Apex Legends' next character.
Horizon could be Apex Legends' next character. / Photo by Respawn/EA, via Biast12

The unreleased Apex Legends character Horizon appeared in several leaks uncovered by data miners Tuesday following the release of the Aftermarket Collection Event.

Data miner Biast12 found three videos related to Horizon that suggest challenges tied to her character could be on their way to Apex Legends. The videos begin focused on a mysterious floating object that could be a drone. The second one shows a hand reaching in to pat the drone before the video loops, and the third one shows Horizon lifting the camera itself, moving it, and then pointing it at herself as she speaks.

None of the three videos has audio embedded in it, but Biast12 uploaded audio that seems to fit the videos to their YouTube channel. The audio that likely ties to the first video reveals Horizon to have a strong Scottish accent as she asks the player to meet her at the firing range. Once they do, a second audio file has Horizon offering players a reward for completing her "diagnostic challenges."

In the second audio segment, Horizon thanks the player for completing the challenges and mentions the data will come in handy when she joins the Apex Games. The final audio segment has Horizon introducing herself as Dr. Mary Somers, though she tells the player to call her Horizon. She ends the audio saying "See ya real soon, darlings."

Biast12 also found an in-game icon for Horizon and a badge showing her face.

Horizon appeared in a recent Apex Legends leak that appeared to credibly reveal the next seven characters developer Respawn Entertainment is actively developing.

Given the volume of data in the files and how complete Horizon's design is, it seems likely Horizon will be the next Legend to join Apex Legends' growing cast. Her arrival could come as soon as the start of Apex Legends Season 7, set to begin begin Nov. 10. Respawn Entertainment has yet to acknowledge the leaks or confirm Horizon's existence, let alone her potentially imminent arrival in Apex Legends.