Apex Legends Character Tier List: Who's the Best in the Game?

Apex Legends character tier list has come back into discussion with the addition of Octane. The new Legend hasn't shaken things up much, but it's healthy to remind players of the best possible characters available.

There are only nine Legends available in the game with Octane being the only addition since the game's February release.

Here's how the Apex Legends characters break down in terms of best to worst.

Apex Legends Character Tier List

Here's a list of the characters in Apex Legends from best to worst:

  • Wraith
  • Bangalore
  • Octane
  • Lifeline
  • Pathfinder
  • Bloodhound
  • Mirage
  • Gibraltar
  • Caustic

There's not much discrepancy between the characters at the top of the list down to Mirage, but Caustic and Gibraltar fall to the wayside compared to most of the roster.

As more characters are release throughout Apex Legends' life cycle, the tier list is sure to be shaken up. But, with the impression that only new heroes will be released as new seasons of Apex Legends start, it might be quite sometime if not for the odd balance patch here or there.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts/Respawn Entertainment