Apex Legends

Apex Legends Cheater Learns the Hard Way When Messing With ImperialHal

ImperialHal, Screengrab by Nathan Fusco

It is often said that cheaters never prosper. This saying rang true when a cheater in Apex Legends crossed paths with notable streamer ImperialHal and faced the consequences.

Over the years, Apex Legends and other popular multiplayer games have been plagued by cheaters and hackers who constantly look for ways to boost their ranks. Through the use of methods such as aimbots, hackers have been able to provide themselves with unfair advantages during matches. Needless to say, this has led to much anger and frustration within the Apex Legends community.

Respawn Entertainment has made efforts to reduce the amount of cheating present in the game and has enforced bans on players that are shown doing so. Audiences are given a look at what can happen when cheating during a match in a video uploaded by justapexthings titled, "When You Try To Use Cheats Against The CEO in Ranked! - Apex Legends."

In this video Twitch streamer, ImperialHal is shown duking it out with another squad playing as Horizon. In an effort to quickly eliminate his opponents, ImperialHal uses Gravity Lift to launch him into the sky. This is when the cheater struck as they quickly eliminated ImperialHal with a couple of shots from their Charge Rifle.

This immediately rose suspicions of cheating from ImperialHal and his squad. ImperialHal then goes on to note how the cheater successfully landed all of their shots as he was in midair. Later on in the match, ImperialHal finds out that the player was banned when his squad-mate notices the player being unresponsive. The cheater is then promptly taken out of the game, much to ImperialHals delight.