Apex Legends Cheaters Have New Hacks to Get Full Armor Instantly

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends hack allows cheaters to armor swap and equip attachments out of death boxes almost instantly. While armor swapping is a hard but useful tactic to master in order to last longer and put more shots into your enemy, some hackers would rather skip this process and have found a new hack to make it easier to get full armor instantly.

After being eliminated by a level 2 Wraith during a match on World’s Edge, Reddit user minsoup_spectated the player and discovered that they were using an aimbot. After further spectating though, the user also found that the hacker was getting their armor equipped easily and quickly from nearby loot crates automatically. They're also able to use this hack for attachments and ammo, too.

This hack is definitely a game-breaker, especially if more continue to abuse it. Apex Legends has enough hackers, bugs, and glitches that make it difficult enough to win already. Now, with hackers having the ability to fire at enemies while equipping armor from nearby loot, it'll be near impossible to deal enough damage to eliminate them. And that's not even factoring in aimbot either.

Players like minsoup_ are definitely hoping that this clip goes viral enough to get Respawn's attention so that they can create an anti-cheat or patch to fix this. Hopefully, before more hackers start abusing it in games.