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Apex Legends Cheaters Removing Players from Lobbies

World's Edge
World's Edge / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Cheaters are a common occurrence in Apex Legends, and they're always finding new ways to break the game for honest players. From auto-aim to wall hacks, cheaters are always looking for ways to get an edge on opponents.

However, the newest wave of cheats is going as far as wiping away the competition completely from matches. Apex Legends Twitch streamer Camms, who shared their perspective on Twitter below, was playing a match July 20 when somebody suddenly kicked them out of the game. They then found themselves in the game's Firing Range test area with another player, who then proceeded to type "owned" into the in-game chat.

EA Help responded to Camms' tweet and ask them to post the bug to the EA Forums.

"Hello legend, that's indeed rather odd. The best place to report these kinds of frustrating bugs would be our official forum," EA wrote, "To figure out if anything similar is also happening to other players."

"Our community team is great and sends reports to the game team regularly for them to be aware," EA continued. "Thank you for reaching out and let us know if you need assistance with anything else, we'll be here to help. Have a good day and stay safe."