Apex Legends Circle Damage Change Made to Elite Queue

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment announced a change in Apex Legends to the circle damage in the Apex Elite Queue.

New in Apex Legends' Legendary Hunt limited time mode, Apex Elite Queue is a high level queue with the best of the best. Players must finish inside the top five in a match to then be placed in an Apex Elite Queue match. Said queue is made up of over top five finishing players.

As difficulty increases in a battle royale game, though, the number of campers also increases. Changes were made to combat the campers. Here's everything you need to know.

Apex Legends Circle Damage Change Made to Apex Elite Queue

"In an attempt to curb behavior of camping outside the circle to wait out the match and get Top 5 in the Apex Elite Queue, we're trying increasing the damage caused by being outside the circle in the Apex Elite Queue only," a Respawn community manager said in the Reddit post.

  • First circle now does 15% damage per tick
  • Second circle now does 20% damage per tick
  • Third circle now does 25% damage per tick

Additionally, Respawn and EA have a server patch planned to go live this week with patch notes to be announced later.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts