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Apex Legends Clip Shows What Goes on in Lower Level Lobbies

Apex Legends
Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

A recent reddit post from u/ashenjoyer gives us a humorous glimpse of what it's like to play in lobbies at the lower end of the Apex Legends skill based matchmaking spectrum.

The post is entitled "0.2 K/D Lobby Activities" and is humorous because of the relatively low skill level of everyone involved in the clip. In the clip u/ashenjoyer is locked in a tense 1-vs-2 situation in the final ring of the game. They come close to losing a few times, but are eventually able to outplay their opponents and win the game.

The video is intended to be laughed at as made obvious by the added soundtrack and the poster's subtitles that poke fun at themselves.

"tsm please recruit me, I can be Snip3down's replacement. I literally have godlike aim." u/ashenjoyer's subtitles read as they whiff nearly every shot from their R-301.

The comments are a mix of jokes at the poster's expense and appreciation for sharing the clip.

"It is... some of the worst gameplay I've ever seen. By all parties," one redditor said. "I think this needed yakety sax," said another.

Some comments said that while the post is funny, it also serves as proof that the game's skill based matchmaking system is working.

"I mean everyone complaining about skill based matchmaking but it seems to have worked perfectly in this scenario," said one redditor in the comments.