Apex Legends code:leaf error has been plaguing players for a while now and Respawn Entertainment has finally explained it.

Sadly, there isn't a fix as of yet and it seems the error is happening more frequently for players.

Apex Legends Code:Leaf Error: Respawn Entertainment Explains the Error

In latest post on Reddit, Respawn explained the issue behind the error and their plans for trying to fix it. "The vast majority of players reporting the error are getting code:leaf. This means the backend created a match, our servers successfully talked to one another, we sent users there, and the player never got an answer from that new server. We then gathered enough data to prove that servers don't think clients are timing out, but clients think servers are timing out."

Respawn Entertainment is actively working on a fix and will inform the community about a fix when they find one.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment