Apex Legends Code Snake Issue Banning Incorrect Players

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

Apex Legends has been the victim of a large number of issues over the last few weeks, from general server issues to the rampant cheating problem in ranked. Now, it seems the game has taken banning hackers into its own hands, and has decided to ban innocent players for simply wanting to play the game using "Code Snake".

Code Snake has seemingly equated to a ban on whatever server the player is on, and cannot be fixed by the player alone at this time. Some players have been able to come out of the ban and play again, but it seems like this is more a result of the ban running out. Some players are still dealing with this error with no way of knowing when or if it will allow them to play again.

Apex Legends Code Snake: How to Fix

This could have some seriously harsh ramifications for the game, as some players may decide to simply move on from Apex after being "banned" wrongfully. If Respawn does not jump on this issue, Code Snake could be the end for many players Apex careers.

The only way to combat this error other than simply hoping the timer on it runs out is to contact Apex Legends support and simply hope that they can come up with a solution themselves. Until this issue along with the multiple other potentially game breaking glitches in Apex are fixed, the game will be in a very fragile state.