Apex Legends Combo Shows How Dangerous Fuse and Horizon Can Be

Horizon and Fuse can combine for a deadly combo.
Horizon and Fuse can combine for a deadly combo. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

One of the ways Apex Legends distinguishes itself from its competition in the battle royale space is through the special abilities of its playable Legends. Not only do these abilities shake up the action on their own, clever players can combine them to devastating effect.

Twitch streamer KSWINNIIE used just such a combination in a recent in-game encounter, and the results speak for themselves.

KSWINNIIE and his team were among the final few squads in a ranked Predator lobby when they encountered one of the other remaining teams on the opposite side of a short wall. The team had its back to the approaching zone, so KSWINNIIE and team deployed their combo.

The combo started with Fuse's Motherlode ability creating a ring of fire to further trap the team in. Horizon then used her Gravity Lift ability, followed by her Black Hole ultimate, to lock the team in place. KSWINNIIE and company then filled the enclosure with every grenade they had, melting their opponents in a matter of moments.