Apex Legends Community Discovers New Sprintout Cancel Trick That Raises Reaction Time

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends competitors have discovered a speedy trick that drastically improves their chances at victory by increasing their reaction time during shootouts.

Currently, Apex Legends has announced the return of their popular Fight or Fright event. Apex Legends will be treating players to loads of new Halloween skins, fun modes, and the spooky return of Olympus during the four weeks of this event. This haunting affair will take place from Oct. 4 until Nov. 1.

Fans have also been gifted with a new trick called Sprintout Cancel. This maneuver was discovered by the Apex Legends community and gives players a new way to reduce their reaction time when encountering opponents. By reducing the number of frames needed to shoot, players can effectively navigate the field without worrying too much about enemies getting the drop on them.

How to Sprintout Cancel in Apex Legends

In the aptly title video, "Sprintout Cancel Tutorial," content creator ItsFlicked teaches audiences how to perform this useful trick. To perform a Sprintout Cancel players will need to inspect their weapon just before shooting. This trick drastically reduces the amount of frames between the sprint and shooting animations resulting in quicker reaction times during matches.

More specifically, it is noted in ItsFlicked's video that this trick gives players the ability to shoot within three frames from sprinting or 0.05 seconds.