Apex Legends Community Discuss Whether Overwatch 2 Competitive Changes Should Be Implemented in Apex

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A recent tweet by Blizzard highlights an interesting change to the competitive requirements for Overwatch 2 and has sparked debates amongst the Apex Legends community.

Overwatch 2 is the latest entry in the beloved Overwatch franchise and is quickly approaching its Oct 4 release date. This new title will be launching on most platforms and it will be free to play so everyone can partake in its thrilling team-based matches. Overwatch 2 will be introducing brand new heroes, changes to classic characters, and the implementation of 5v5 combat.

Overwatch 2's newly announced requirements have sparked some debate amongst the Apex Legends communities on whether a similar system should be implemented for competitive play. In a recently removed Reddit post, a user brought up the fact that Respawn should follow in Blizzard's footsteps and implement a new system for competitive play. Currently, Apex Legends does have ranked leagues for more advanced play and requires participants to be at least level 10 to join.

This requirement seems to be insufficient for some users as Redditor BlazinAzn38 comments, "It's really an issue how quickly you get to play ranked." Although there are many users who also say that Apex Legends does not need changes and should stray away from the path Overwatch 2 is on. This sentiment is highlighted as Redditor inexistent00 states, "The last thing that Respawn needs to do is to take notes from Blizzard lol." As of this writing, there hasn't been any notion from Respawn that alludes to changes coming to competitive requirements.