Apex Legends

Apex Legends Community Unhappy With Crappy Laser Sights

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

One of the biggest scams of Season 14 was the addition of the Laser Sight. Respawn Entertainment essentially nerfed the hipfire of all SMGs in Apex Legends, and then introduced the Laser Sight to try to appease fans. But members of the community quickly figured out that numbers.

Every SMG is significantly worse than last season and only with a purple Laser Sight are they actually better. Meaning a grey and blue laser sight added to your SMG doesn't even equal Season 13 stats.

That's where the post from HammyA comes into play. It's a hypothetical post asking whether players even ping or look for laser sights. Based on the comments, it's mostly no. Players cited the lack of accuracy with hipfire and the desire to use a different weapon altogether. Some even state they would rather have the barrel attachment anyway because it used to work seamlessly with assault rifles.

Now, SMG players simply would rather choose the assault rifle than a SMG. It will be interesting to see whether Respawn decides to bring the SMG back to the forefront of the gun meta or leave them where they are. The developers may be a bit busy at the moment with a few pressing bugs or even a badge overhaul.