Apex Legends

Apex Legends Community Wants a 5-Person Squad Mode

An Apex Legends player posted an idea on Reddit and it immediately took off. At the time of writing, the post has over 12,000 upvotes showing how popular the idea is in general.

It's simply titled, "5 person squads as an event?" And it just shows a picture of five Legends together. While this could probably never happen since the game only had three-person squads, it's an interesting concept. While four-man groups should be the next step, if it's only going to be a limited-time mode for fun. why not go in head first.

Respawn Entertainment could have some fun by allowing players to play with four friends. The comments were immediately intrigued and tried to share their own ideas.

"Imagine a LTM where each squad has their own loot MRVN. The MRVN has a series of upgrades available at the cost of mats. It can also be used as a mobile replicator. Each squad has infinite respawns until the MRVN is killed, the respawns would take longer and longer to give a chance to kill it and players would not be downed if the MRVN is still alive. Last squad standing wins. To make the MRVNs worth using, maybe introduce a survival item that can collect mats anywhere on the map."

There are a lot of balancing issues let alone looting problems with that many players in a squad. Respawn would have to change things up for the floor loot, but if it's going to be a game mode, they could customize it to make it work a bit more for five players.