Apex Legends Content Creator Shows Off Custom Lifeline Rework

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends content creator shows off a personal Lifeline kit rework. It's not uncommon for players to constantly complain about their favorite Legend, requesting a rework of some sort. Lifeline has been a focus for quite some time with a constant evolving passive. By far the strongest version of Lifeline had the ability to revive players with her D.O.C drone which also had an unbreakable shield.

Looking back at it now shows how broken the ability was. It forced enemy teams to push Lifeline's because she would continue to lay down covering fire while her teammates were being revived and protected at the same time.

We eventually landed on the current version of Lifeline which still allows her to use her drone to revive players and protect them, but there is no shield. It works rather well, and most believe Lifeline is in a good spot for her revive, but her other abilities could use some work.

That's where the rework comes into handy. The Guardian Angel passive has some nice changes, not necessarily needed. but still creative. Lifeline has to do the dirty work of reviving her teammates, but now has a shield again protecting her and she has an increased speed picking up allies. The shield isn't invulnerable and actually has a breaking point. She still has her Blue Bin bonus and even has an extra inventory spot to hold consumables.

The D.O.C drone almost does the same things. It heals allies, but instead of healing enemies if they get close, the drone will shock enemies. Lastly her ultimate. One of the most requested changes to her kit has been her ultimate which loses importance as the match continues.

The only changes are giving crafting supplies to Lifeline and a replicator slot on the supply drop, allowing the teammates to have a mobile replicator at their disposal. Overall the changes seem decent enough to make Lifeline stay relevant without completely gutting her.