Apex Legends

Apex Legends Could Have a Possible Animated Series Soon

Apex Legends could soon have a possible animated series on digital streaming platforms in the future. | Photo by Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Art

Apex Legends left a little message for a possible animated series that could be released on streaming platforms in the near future.

As the Respawn Entertainment crew voyaged into the game's subreddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything), director of communications, Ryan Rigney, was asked if there was a Netflix or Amazon Prime animated series in the works for Apex Legends. He responded simply with an emoji, that his lips were zipped shut on the matter.

Whether that means that Respawn Entertainment is currently working on the series or if it was just a little hint that was dropped for the fan appeal of it. Regardless, Apex Legends isn't shy for animated series at that.

The official YouTube channel has dozens of animated shorts that have amassed millions of views. The game's most recent cinematic featured the release of Valkyrie in an eight-minute short movie that detailed the character's backstory.

Apex Legends has had success in its social media, particularly on YouTube for its Stories from the Outlands series which not only shows the champion's lore, but shows the diversity of art styles the studio can use if it does choose to release an animated series. If League of Legend's upcoming animated series does well on streaming platforms, it won't be hard to see that Apex Legends could also do something similar with a bigger publisher behind the company.