Apex Legends Crafting Materials: How to Best Use Them

How to best use crafting materials in Apex Legends
How to best use crafting materials in Apex Legends / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Crafting Materials have become even more important in Apex Legends with the release of Season 6 on the horizon. Learning what resources are important, which ones are more situational or which materials are just not useful for you is an essential skill.

Here is a guide on how to best use Apex Legends Crafting Materials.

Apex Legends Crafting Materials Explained

For new players, learning the importance of crafting materials in crucial to establishing an effective play style but even for veteran players, knowing which items work the best per situation will give you one step up over your opponents.

Crafting materials can be found consistently in loot bins, which are littered all over the map. Making sure to stock up on these materials could be the difference between life and death so keep a look out for materials for yourself and your teammates. After collecting some materials, head to the Replicator machines and only there can you craft items.

At these replicators, one can craft anything from a new gun, a mobile respawn beacon which will allow you to revive a teammate, or upgraded armor. So while you or your team are moving through the map, make sure to check the map often and move according to the replicators. They could save your life.