Apex Legends

Apex Legends Creator Shows SMG Hipfire is Still Terrible With a Laser Sight

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends content creator lobotomy compiled data from Season 14 comparing hipfire spread from last season to the current model. As you'll see, the laser sight attachments aren't doing as much as we would have hoped. SMGs were nerfed pretty hard with hipfire spread, but the promise from Respawn was the laser sights made them comparable at short range, but you lost the barrel attachment.

Players had to choose between the two, meaning terrible hipfire spread or terrible medium-to-long range fights.

Based on the data, until you find a laser sight level 3, your hipfire spread for every SMG is worst than last season. It's a massive hit to the SMG fanbase and to be expected in some regards with how powerful the SMGs were this past season.

The frustration stems from the laser sight basically making your SMG the same. Many fans assumed it would make the hipfire slightly better but your damage at medium-to-long range would suffer drastically, forcing you to play up close. But instead, your up-close damage is not nearly as powerful while still struggling at range.

It's fun to note that crouching makes the world of difference when it comes to hipfire, so if you do want to do something positive for your hipfire, start crouching more.

As for now, Respawn has no plans to alter this path so get used to the new SMG changes.