Apex Legends Crypto Heirloom Leak Gives Detailed View

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends Crypto heirloom leak gives one of the best views of the supposed weapon. Season 12 launched on Tuesday with some much-needed map changes. And with a new season comes a whole new season of events. Respawn Entertainment usually chooses one Legend to focus on and will reward them with their heirloom if the character doesn't already have it.

Wattson was the most recent Legend to receive one of these rare items, with herEnergy Reader releasing on Dec. 8. Earning the shards to unlock a specific heirloom is still a pain, making any heirloom extremely valuable.

Just based on recent leaks and the newest one by KralRindo, Crypto is definitely going to receive his heirloom soon, probably in the next event. Based on the animation and those before mentioned leaks, the weapon is based on a Korean Jikdo sword. And the animation makes it looks cybernetic and futuristic, exactly what Crypto needs.

For now, speculation will have to wait until Respawn announces something official. In the meantime, players are in the midst of Season 12, dealing with shadow nerfs, and enjoying the new map changes. It's also worth noting that Crypto was just reworked for the new season making it a perfect time for his heirloom.