Apex Legends Crypto Teaser Seemingly Released

An unusual tweet from the Apex Legends Twitter account Wednesday led many to believe the release of Crypto, the game's latest legend, is just around the corner.

This tweet comes days after a series of routine tweets featured several smaller signs of alleged "hacking," such as strange characters replacing letters as well as APEX Legends' handle being corrupted by text static.

Although the addition of Crypto in Season 3 has been well known through concept art and small cameos in other trailers since August, EA is looking to build up the hype just in time for the approaching release of Meltdown.

In terms of gameplay, it seems that Crypto will be a quality support/recon Legend, with similar abilities to that of Legends such as Bloodhound and Pathfinder.

Via a data leak from Reddit, it seems that Crypto will have three main abilities:

Tactical: Aerial Drone. Crypto will be able to deploy a drone that can detect enemies, as well as disable enemy traps and radar. (Cooldown: 40 seconds)

Passive: Neural Link. Crypto and his teammates will be able to see what the drone sees within a 30 meter radius.

Ultimate: Weapon Drone EMP. Delivers a pulse from Crypto's drone that deals shield damage, slows down the enemy, and disables any nearby traps.

Crypto, along with the rest of APEX Season 3, is set to release on October 1st.

Image Courtesy EA/APEX Legends