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Apex Legends Cyber Monday Deals: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by Respawn Entertainment/Twitter

Cyber Monday is coming and Apex Legends deals are all fans want to know.

Though Respawn Entertainment hasn't released an official Cyber Monday deal, their Black Friday deals last till Dec. 3.

Apex Legends Cyber Monday Deals: Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends Exclusive bundles like the Champion Edition, Mirage Edition, Pathfinder Edition, Octane Edition and more are on sale.

Here are some of the other deals on Apex Legends until Nov. 30:

  • 100 Apex Pack bundle and Weapon Charm
  • Aligned Vectors Bonus Bundle: Aligned Vector Valkyrie skin, Peacekeeper skin, Legendary Apex pack and 9 Apex packs
  • 2021 Legends Bundle: Seer (Legend), Fuse (Legend), Valkyrie (Legend), Legendary Seer, Fuse, Valkyrie skins and emotes. 
  • Rescue Bundle: Legendary Lifeline skin, Legendary Kraber and Alternator Skins
  • Diamond Bundle: Legendary Loba skin, Loba skydive emote. 
  • Legendary ‘Green Machine’ Pathfinder Skin
  • Legendary ‘Code Red’ Gibraltar Skin
  • Heirloom Packs

Additionally, Respawn Entertainment released a Black Friday Sale for Apex Legends merchandise, from shirts, hoodies, and more. Shop with 25 percent sitewide sale and free shipping over $75.

Apex Legends Black Friday sale lasts till Dec. 3.