Apex Legends Data Miner Finds More Information for Upcoming Legends

Apex Legends, Data miner Shrugtal, has found more information on more Season 3 information and possible Legends. While Season 3 has only begun and players have only scratched the surface of the new content.

Respawn Entertainment has more planned for the future.

Besides the addition of a new practice zone called the Fire Range Training, the data miner found multiple events teased for current Legends. Mirage would get his time to shine in December with a Christmas/Winter-themed event over the holiday break. Bloodhound would get their own takeover from January through February. That would be followed with a new Legend release and Revenant is the first theorized Legend.

The data miner has been right multiple times in the past, but nothing has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment