Apex Legends Dataminer Believes Maali or Ash is the Next Legend

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 11 looks to be an important one as Respawn Entertainment has teased a new map and a new legend. This would be the first new map for the battle royale mode since Oct. 28. 2020.

While Respawn introduced Arenas and plenty of new maps, there have only been updates to King's Canyon, World's Edge, and Olympus. While Tropic Islands has plenty of players excited, there are two potential new Legends in the works: Maali and Ash.

GarretLeaks made a YouTube video showing that he discovered a line in the code that referenced the name Maali and some type of damage-boosting ability. During the video, they're pretty positive that Maali is coming. That would change in a later video.

GarretLeaks spent more time digging through the files and changed their tune. Based on that information they believe Ash is being tested and currently lined up as the next Legend.

He saw an animation file based on a t-pose for Ash and a line that shows Ash have a bunch of holosprays, something only Legends can have. It's probably no surprise that both Legends are being worked on, but based on the videos, Ash seems to be closer.