Apex Legends Dec. 14 Patch Fixes PS5 Lobby Crash

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn have pushed out a new Apex Legends patch, aiming to fix some of the crashes and errors players have been plagued with as of late.

While bugs and glitches in Apex haven't been quite as rampant as they have in the past, players across all platforms are still dealing with the occasional annoyance. Lately, PlayStation 5 players have been battling crashes just from the game lobby.

As always, Respawn are on the case. Aiming to lessen some of the troubles this season, Respawn have pushed out a small hotfix to keep things running a little more smoothly.

Apex Legends Dec. 14 Patch: Full Patch Notes Listed

While this latest patch in Apex Legends isn't huge, it does tackle some more pressing issues. Fixes this time around include:

  • A crash affecting PS5 players when they are in a lobby
  • A game logic error some players were experiencing with gifting

This isn't a major content update like some player where perhaps hoping for, but it seems Respawn are making an active effort to nip these bugs and glitches in the bud sooner rather than later.

Players responded to the patch announcement, brining attention to some other bugs that have been present. One user said, "Can you fix the challenges trackers system? Sometimes it doesn't record the achievement which really and truly sucks for us."

The official Apex Legends Twitter account took some time to reply, saying, "Thanks for letting us know," giving some much appreciated direct feedback to players and letting them know that they're concerns have been heard. Something we don't always see.