Apex Legends

Apex Legends Dev Claims Cheating in Ranked is at an All-Time-Low

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Security Analyst for Respawn Conor "Hideouts" Ford took to Twitter Monday May 9 to respond to a fan taking some shots at a perceived lack of progress made keeping hackers out of the game.

The original tweet Ford responded to was from user @kauzeyy and included a
Twitch chat screenshot from Ford saying that there were big improvements to the anti-cheat systems coming soon with the caption "1 year ago today..." Ford took exception to the implication Respawn hadn't been working to improve the Apex Legends experience since then. In his response, he noted that there is now a full security team for Apex Legends and that there are an all-time low number of cheaters in ranked playlists for the game.

All large, popular games have issues with cheaters, especially Battle Royale games, but Apex Legends has certainly had a rougher ride than most. Especially last year in 2021, highlighted by top stars of the Esport scene taking shots at the game's lack of response to cheaters.

Given the response to Ford's tweet, however, the community does seem appreciative of the work that is being done, without being fully satisfied with the state of cheating in Apex Legends. One user noted that in the Arenas playlist there still seem to be a notable amount of cheaters present, but Battle Royale has been better, while another agreed to say that as a top-rated Battle Royale player, they have seen the cheating drop to a "manageable" level.