Apex Legends Dev Claims Loba is 'Crazy Strong' Despite Fan Pushback

Does Loba need a buff? One Apex Legends dev doesn't think so
Does Loba need a buff? One Apex Legends dev doesn't think so / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

The Legacy update in Apex Legends has brought about a number of changes to the popular battle royale game, but on a post in the Apex Legends subreddit, one developer received a negative response to his claim regarding Loba, one of the many Legends in the game.

The post explored a tweak to Loba's passive, in which players are able to see specific items with her passive ability, as opposed to just their rarity level. Daniel Klein, the lead game designer from Apex Legends, replied, saying, "Why do you want to buff Loba? Loba's CRAZY strong now."

The response received downvotes from numerous Apex Legends fans, with many insisting that the proposed change wasn't a buff, but rather a quality of life change to the Legend, hoping it would promote her use in the game. Others agreed with Klein, that the proposed idea would indeed be a buff, and perhaps influence the current game's meta in a direction that the developers would rather not support.

Beyond the actual argument of the proposed change, some users chose to engage in direct attacks against Klein, with replies that belittled and insulted the developer, as well as bringing up his past comments regarding game balance.

Some responses saw the negative response to Klein's reply and wondered why it drew such backlash from the community. One user, u/lappyy, replied, "The poor guy is just trying to start a discussion with the community on Loba's balance and we proceed to downvote him to oblivion. It's frustrating. Direct communication from developers is incredibly important and valuable to gamers."

If Klein's thoughts are aligned with the rest of the development team, then it would seem that there won't be any major buffs to Loba as it currently stands. How the Apex Legends subreddit, and the community as a whole, will respond to this remains to be seen.