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Apex Legends Dev Details Upcoming Changes to Lifeline's Passive, 'Meme' Ultimate

Lifeline's passive and ultimate will likely be changed in Apex Legends Season 9.
Lifeline's passive and ultimate will likely be changed in Apex Legends Season 9. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends designer Daniel Z. Klein says Respawn Entertainment plans to tinker with Lifeline's abilities, likely nerfing her passive and buffing her ultimate.

Lifeline's passive, Combat Revive, allows her to deploy a drone to revive teammates and shield them. Some players believe the ability to be too powerful. Klein, writing on the game's subreddit, said the team planned to tinker with the ability.

The simplest solution would be to remove Lifeline's shield entirely, although Klein says that would "gut her." Fans have also proposed adding a cooldown to the ability. Klein says the idea makes some sense, but runs into problems from a communication perspective.

"Also should it be a cooldown on Lifeline or a per-teammate cooldown? The latter seems more logical/more fair (I don't understand why my Lifeline can't drone res me because maybe I didn't realize she just drone res'd my ally not too long ago), but that makes communication even harder.

"I think we should try a version without the shield and see how that goes," Klein said. He did not share when that change would go live.

Lifeline's ultimate ability, Care Package, lets her call down a drop with at least one guaranteed equipment upgrade. Klein says a buff is headed for the ability.

"It runs out all we had to do there was applied a minimum of smarts to picking what's in it and suddenly the skill was good," he wrote.

"I'm not gonna talk about it much more because the earliest it might ship in Season 9. But I'm hopeful, as someone who plays a lot of Lifeline and wished her tactical and ultimate weren't memes."

Apex Legends Season 9 is expected to arrive May 4, though Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm a date.