Apex Legends Dev Discusses Potential Changes for LTM

Apex Legends developer Rayme Vinson responded Friday to complaints around the Live.Die.Live limited-time mode.

"[In my opinion], instant death and shorter round timers are both especially worth seriously considering if we bring the mode around again," he wrote on the Apex Legends subreddit.

In Live.Die.Repeat, dead players respawn whenever the play area closes as long as one of their teammates survives. Players listed several complaints about the game mode in the thread Vinson replied to.

Among the problems were players being knocked down, but not killed, when the ring moved in, forcing a significantly longer wait to respawn than if they had simply died in the first place. Additionally, the length of time between ring closures frequently became onerous.

Vinson's comment confirms the game mode won't be changed during its short run in the Grand Soirée event.

The Grand Soirée event began Tuesday and is scheduled to run through Jan. 28.