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Apex Legends Dev Doesn't Believe Seer Affects Bloodhound's Viability in Season 10

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

With the announcement of Apex Legends' newest character Seer, some have expressed concerns that his abilities, focused around gathering intelligence about his nearby surroundings, will make Bloodhound weaker or less popular in the game's current meta. In response to one fan, Apex Legends dev Jason McCord disagreed, citing the subtle differences in their utility kit.

In a response to an Apex Legends fan's concerns, McCord stated the differences between Bloodhound and Seer, and how Bloodhound can gather wide amounts of information, whereas Seer will need to be more directed and know more about the enemy's particular location before using his abilities. Additionally, lead game designer Daniel Klein also noted the differences in a separate thread, echoing the same points that McCord brought up.

With Bloodhound being a staple of Apex Legends since its launch back in 2019, it makes sense that some fans are worried about his potential for newer Agents to outshine him. For the foreseeable future, however, Bloodhound mains can remain solid, and know their Agents has a place in most team comps.

Of course, with a member of the development team admitting that changes to Bloodhound are being widely considered, Seer and other information gatherers may become more popular among the Apex Legends player base. For now, Bloodhound is safe, and plenty among the Apex Legends community are thrilled to have a new Legend on his way.