Apex Legends Dev Explains Caustic Buff

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Many Apex Legends fans are excited about the Fight Night Collection Event. However, the event has already been met with some criticism from the Apex Legends community prior to the Jan. 5 event. There is a new Caustic buff that is set to come with it.

In addition to the LTM's and cosmetics we get with the new update, we will also be introduced to several buffs and nerfs to some Legends to help balance them across the board. This is something we are very familiar with, since we've seen plenty of Legends get nerfs and buffs before.

However, as all updates receive some sort of criticism, this one was no different. Included in the updates is the decrease in Caustic's gas trap cool down time. A slight change to some, but many players across the community were upset over this change.

While players headed to Twitter to disclose their opinions with Daniel Klein, the Lead Game designer for Respawn and Apex Legends, he responded to an upset player who didn't quite like the change.

Short, simple, to the point, like Twitter was meant to be. If you look at the players original tweet that Daniel replied to, he call the update "relatively easy" for a buff. Daniel clapped back with confirmation that it was easy, there was an overall buff, and it was put in because he's one of the games weaker Legends.

This game is about a lot of trial and error with how many factors go into Apex Legends' abilities, so this update shouldn't come as a surprise to most for one of the games weaker characters. If it's still not enough, we'll see Caustic get another update. Until then, we'll see how this one shakes out for him.