Apex Legends

Apex Legends Dev Explains New Weapon Symbol In-Game

Photo courtesy of Redditor Own_Tale_3860

An Apex Legends developer explained the new symbol that appears in the weapon HUD. As Redditor Own_Tale_3860 pointed out, sometimes your current weapon has a new symbol in the top right corner of the box. The answers to follow were quite humorous, "It transforms your character into Bob Ross," or "It's reminding you that you always spin paint brushes clockwise, never counter clockwise."

Eventually, Respawn Entertainment employee, rspn_exgeniar gave an answer to the mystery.

"I love all the wrong answers. To OP's questions; You've picked up a gun another player have skinned with their own preference. Clicking that button will allow you to reset the skin of the gun to your own."

And everything makes complete sense. Picking up other players' weapons always kept that player's skin. For most of the community, they just assumed that's how it was always going to be. But Respawn has been working on a fix, so if you hate the skin that's currently attached or you'd prefer something else, players can switch to their preferred attached skin by clicking the button.

Most likely you can't switch back to the opponent's skin after you click the button so make sure that's what you want.