Apex Legends Dev Explains Removal of Caustic Passive Ability

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension being released on Nov. 4, there were some changes made outside of the addition of the new map Olympus and the new Legend, Horizon.

Caustic's passive ability to disburse Nox Gas came with the ability to blur opponents' vision that was caught in it. The new update shows that this ability has been removed. Many believed that since Caustic is one of the more robust, and less mobile Legends, the blurring of vision was one of the only advantages Caustic had.

DanielZKlein, a Dev for Respawn Entertainment, said the following on reddit;

"I do agree this is probably a nerf. The vision blur was a huge part of the power of this skill, but it was also reliably one of the most frustrating experiences in Apex. It made fighting back feel like not even an option, and even if you could fight back, the experience of having everything, including your sights when you ADS, blurred just felt really awful."

DanielZKlein also went on to state that he felt the highlighting of your opponent in the gas is technically the true passive ability of caustic. The vision blurring ability was also extremely useful in end game to not on partially blind your opponents, but you also were able to see where you opponent is located.

Will this nerf cause players to abandon Caustic as a main down the road? We'll see as Season 7: Ascension plays out over the next few months.