Apex Legends Dev Explains why Fully-Kitted Weapon Drops Won't be Permanent

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends supply drops currently can bring you weapons that are fully kitted along with other gear. The Season 7 Collection event "Airdrop Escalation" has replaced the original Apex Legends game mode which increased the number of airdrops, which includes fully kitted weapons of different tiers.

This LTM has lead to late games with incredible firepower for those that survive. However, while it does provide for some incredible end-games, it's not the true form of Apex Legends, and players are concerned that it may become a permanent part of the game.

To summarize, the airdrops provide almost no advantage in the early stages of the game, but almost guarantee maxed out guns and top-level shields towards the end game. While players were concerned that this loot would be a permanent part of the game, Lead Game Designer, Daniel Klein responded to the community's concerns in a Reddit thread.

"Airdrop Escalation is a limited time takeover. There are currently no plans to add it permanently to the game" Daniel Klein stated. He continued, saying "We really don’t wanna mess with the loot game of the base BR to this degree permanently...The loot game is the beating heart of a BR."

All unrest should be quickly settled with these statements, and Daniel Klein is always true to his word when speaking to the community. We shouldn't expect to see this for much longer, so if you're looking to get into some crazy end-games, get onto Apex Legends while you can.