Apex Legends Dev Explains Why They Didn't Buff Snipers in Season 7: Ascension

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Season 7 of Apex Legends was expected to come through with a series of buffs and nerfs. One of the buffs that players were hoping for was in snipers. While snipers are loved across all first and third-person shooter games, Apex Legends fans didn't get the buff they were hoping for.

Apex Legends snipers have always struggled in regards to their usage and efficiency within the game. It has always been difficult to take out enemies from long range due to Legend's mobility, which is why people were hoping for a buff this season.

In the Season 7 patch notes update on Reddit, Devs replied to questions in regards to the role of snipers in Apex. You can read the entire thread here. To summarize, dev 'AmusedApricot' tells us the following:

"Long range combat in Apex is difficult to make rewarding. Players have a lot of health, projectiles are slow and difficult to hit at range, heals are too fast to let you push on someone you only damaged, there are lots of abilities that help protect people, and even stuff like knockdown shields makes finishing kills with a sniper difficult (if they just run out with gibraltar dome for example). All of these aspects of the game are really important to what makes the core combat tick though"

Throughout the long-winded comment, the dev adds that "It feels like we are sacrificing too much of what the game is in pursuit of adding more, which isn't good." This makes complete sense in regards to how the game is played and where snipers fit in. It is a more delicate situation that will require more time. Sit back and be patient, because it may take a while before we get a sniper buff, but it may not be such a bad thing.