Apex Legends Dev Footage Seemingly Leaks New Pathfinder Passive

Respawn Entertainment

Pathfinder could be set to get a new Passive, after dev footage emerged for Apex Legends during a live stream.

Pathfinder has long been a staple Recon Legend for many in Apex Legends, often having healthy appearances in the pick rates. Armed with the Grappling Hook Tactical and Zipline Gun Ultimate, players have found plenty of ways to use Pathfinder effectively.

The issue, though, has been with his Passive. The Forward Scout's current Passive, Insider Knowledge, allows Pathfinder to scan a survey beacon to reduce the cooldown of Zipline Gun by 10 seconds. Essentially, this ability is useful if you've used up Pathfinder's Ultimate and are in need of a quick recharge without an Ultimate Accelerant. Outside of that, it serves little purpose compared to some other Legends' Passives.

Cue Pathfinder fans requesting Respawn to offer up a new Passive for the Legend. And if the latest footage is what we think it is, that request might be getting honored sooner rather than later.

Apex Legends Dev Footage Seemingly Leaks New Pathfinder Passive

While showcasing the Broken Moon map for Season 15 during a dev stream, one dev was using Pathfinder. Players soon noticed that inside the test build the Pathfinder was traveling significantly faster on his ziplines, and had a slightly different UI.

Apex YouTuber Bobz highlighted the footage on his channel, suggesting that the changes could be coming in Season 16.

Now its worth pointing out that the information came via a dev's test build, meaning that there's no guarantee that the Passive (if it's even a Passive) will make its way into the game. The new ability could even just be a buff to the Legend's Ultimate.

Respawn have yet to announce any changes coming to Pathfinder regarding his abilities and, given that he's a popular pick, they might be hesitant to make any drastic alterations.