Apex Legends

Apex Legends Dev Says Bloodhound Changes Are Being Considered

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

In an appearance on the Apex Uncut Podcast, an Apex Legends developer stated that Bloodhound could be the next Legend to receive a nerf to his abilities in a future update.

Associate Live Balance Designer John Larson appeared on the podcast to discuss a litany of topics, including the game's current meta, and Bloodhound's role going forward. Larson discussed the recent Bloodhound change to his scan ability, reducing its length from four seconds to three. "I will say, I first said, 'Let's chop it in half, make it two seconds, and see what that does.' In playtesting, I felt it was okay, but I think a lot of people felt it's too quick."

One of Apex Uncut's hosts, Zach Mazer, agreed with the developer's assessment. "I think you have to lower it down to two seconds at most, because anything more than that is simply un-pushable." Mazer then took it even further, stating that he believes Bloodhound is far too strong in the current meta, with Larsen agreeing. "The fact that fights revolve so heavily around that ability is frustrating and absolutely there's room for improvement there." Closing out his thoughts, Larsen said, "Will the Bloodhound meta exist until the end of time? Until the end of Apex? No, I think we're looking in the right places there."

Other topics discussed on the episode of Apex Uncut include changes to another Legend, Crypto, and the potential fate of the fan-requested replay system.