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Apex Legends Dev Says Ranked KP Changes Are Coming in Season 11

Changes are coming to determine how Kill Points (KP) will be calculated in Apex Legends Season 11.
Changes are coming to determine how Kill Points (KP) will be calculated in Apex Legends Season 11. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Changes to the Apex Legends Ranked Battle Royale mode are confirmed to be in the works for Season 11, particularly with its Kill Points (KP) system.

In a brief Reddit Q&A on Oct. 14, Respawn Entertainment Director of Communications Ryan Rigney wrote that there indeed will be changes coming to how KP will be calculated in Apex Legends Season 11, and that they'll reveal those details when the full patch notes drop.

Apex Legends' ranked system has been widely debated throughout the game's community, including pro players, who believe its scoring system is "outdated" and promotes lazy and casual decision-making far out of touch of the ALGS' style of play.

While attempting to rank up in Apex Legends Ranked Battle Royale, players have a much higher incentive to get kills and assists than in other titles (e.g. Valorant) where winning determines just about everything.

This is because of the implementation of the KP scoring mechanic by which the Apex Legends ranked system factors a player's kills into their overall ranked score for that match.

Ranked Points (RP) are used to reach higher Ranked levels, and are generally awarded strictly based on players' match placements.

Thanks to the KP system, however, players can theoretically get 1.5x additional RP than simply placing first with their team by also securing six kills/assists along the way. Players do not get RP for heals or revives.

As such, it will be interesting to see just what type of changes to the KP system will occur in Season 11, including if Respawn will implement some of the community's voiced ideas, such as team-shared KP and increased RP gains for placements, as well as the ability to demote between ranked tiers.