Apex Legends

Apex Legends Developer Alludes Changes to the Mastiff Shotgun

Photo Courtesy of Electronic Arts

With Season 8 fully underway in Apex Legends, many changes are expected in the upcoming 8.1 update. One of these changes, fans hope, will be a nerf of the over-powered Mastiff Shotgun, which has torn people to shreds throughout the Frontier.

Fortunately, a producer for Respawn, Josh Medina, hinted at a potential change in the power of this weapon and effectiveness, which may alter fans' favor for it.

Respawn have already made a few changes to some of the most powerful and popular Legends in the game to add more variety to player's choices of character to play with. Most recently, they altered the hit-box on Wraith, who was previously the most popular Legend to use in Apex.

If Medina's emoji response is a sign of things to come, we may see the Mastiff shot-gun drop in popularity. Its surprising range and immense firepower have been favored by most players and seeing it nerfed or even be restricted to care packages may be music to Apex Legends players' ears.