Apex Legends Developer Explains Why Loba Can't Receive Major Buffs

Loba's abilities make her hard to buff without rendering her overpowered.
Loba's abilities make her hard to buff without rendering her overpowered. | Photo by Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein explained on Reddit on Friday that, although Loba may be in need of a power increase, the narrow wiggle room in balancing her abilities makes it difficult to give her a buff without making her overpowered.

"I /am/ gonna push Loba's loot power some more next patch, I hope," Klein wrote on the Apex Legends subreddit, "but there's only so much you can do short of 'press button to get full gold equip and a Kraber/R-99' to punch that power up."

Klein said the stress point was the development team's design philosophy of keeping Apex Legends a gun game with characters, rather than a character game with guns. The emphasis in play should be on gun mechanics, with character abilities as secondary.

"The main reason we can't just bring everyone up to Lifeline/Wraith/Pathfinder's level (Gibby isn't anywhere near their level of power) is that we're then stepping away from making a gun game and approaching making a character game," Klein continued.

"There's still a lot of cool shit we can do that only reinforces the supplemental role of abilities in the game, and yes, there's some power we can give to the worst performing legends without breaking the nature of Apex, but it's not enough power to bring them up to the likes of Wraith."

Although Klein plans to buff Loba in the next patch, he suggested the exact shape of the buff was still in flux.

The last major Apex Legends patch arrived Monday in the form of the Aftermarket event.