Apex Legends Developer Responds to Fan Outcry for Console Controller Remapping

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment /

One of the most useful options that mouse and keyboard players have in Apex Legends is the ability to use fully customizable keybinds. This allows for players to place abilities, movement, and utility on all different parts of the keyboard, wherever they are most comfortable for any specific player. However, this is not an option on console, and players are starting to become frustrated with the lack of options.

Console players have started to complain vocally online about the lack of any option to create personalized binds on the controller. There are different preset choices in the settings on the console in Apex Legends, but these are bare-bones and most would not be comfortable for the average player to use.

In a post of r/ApexLegends a developer of the game, RobotHavGunz responded to a player stating that they felt the button mapping for Mirage led to a lot of confusion and overlap. In his comment, he stated, "The limitations around controller buttons are definitely frustrating, and there's never really a perfect way to map 16 buttons (IIRC) to the nearly infinite options offered by MKB." He goes on to elaborate stating that the team at Respawn is aware of the issues that the mapping of buttons can cause controller players and that there is an eye being kept on the situation. He also says that changing these layouts would be very difficult due to the familiarity of the current system, and whatever changes they may implement would have to be very easy to use and learn.

Although there is no current timetable for the addition of more customizable inputs for console controller players, there is always the ability to change that in the future. For now, console players of Apex Legends will continue to have to get by with the comparatively limited options to MKB players, until they are hopefully given the ability to level the playing field a bit when it comes to mapping inputs.